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Cathartic Release Retreats

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Clients and students connect from around the world to experience Jin’s depth of knowledge and intuition. The release they experience with Jin not only gets them back on track but leaves them with the emotional tools and techniques to stay on track and move forwards into the life they truly desire.

1:1 Online Coaching

Know you're stuck with physical pain that has an emotional link? Let Jin help you put all the pieces together and help you navigate a clearer path. Get unstuck and release those emotions.

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Imagine… not having to live with pain, illness or emotional blockages. Not your typical therapist, Jin integrates psychosomatic therapy techniques with osteopathy, Chinese medicine and years of clinical experience to help people release what’s holding them back. Whether it’s living a life free from pain or a life lived to its full potential. Your emotional make-up and previous trauma or negative experiences can impact your physical health, presenting in symptoms such as chronic pain and physical discomfort, injury, fatigue, disease, fear and anxiety, as well as behavioural dysfunction and mental imbalances. Through a series of personalised coaching sessions, Jin will help you clean up the mess in your emotional and external life. One-on-one coaching with Jin will help you: • Understand the mind-body connection • Get out of the cycle of pain and discomfort • Understand the emotional link to your physical pain • Techniques for emotional processing • Get unstuck and navigate a clearer path

Cathartic Release Retreat

In a busy, high-pressure world, nurturing and supporting your emotional health has never been more important. Whether conscious or unconscious, your emotional wellbeing affects your relationships, your career, how you parent, how you respond to stress, how you eat … even how you breathe.

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The Cathartic Release Retreat is an intense, empowering and uniquely transformative experience designed to help you shift emotions and improve physical or mental pain or trauma. This work includes hands-on therapy and emotional needling work. Under the guidance of Jin’s expert knowledge and intuition you will be shown how your mind is playing a bigger role in your current situation than you may be willing to admit. Expect a deeply cathartic experience where you can escape your comfort zone and push personal boundaries to uncover and release what’s holding you back.

You will learn:

• Where your body is holding onto emotions and drop your physical armor
• To access a deeper level of awareness and sensation in your body
• Process the roadblocks that inhibit you from living a life that’s free from trauma and physical or emotional pain
•Experience deep cathartic releases on physical, physiological and emotional levels
• Discover how to prevent the storage of emotions that cause stress in the body
• Look at life through a different lens after shedding what holds you back

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What Other People Are Saying

Start to see the space between.

After an accident in my early teens my liver markers have been elevated for over a decade. I experienced chronic deficiencies with iron, vitamin B12 and D. Having being under conventional care as well as a host of traditional and alternative therapies there was no change. My bloods are now stable and the only difference was the emotional work. Jin cracked me wide open. I've done lots of emotional healing, but never experienced shifts like this.
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Learning to trust myself more. Leaning into my strengths, while gently forgiving myself for past mistakes when I was in survival mode.
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Processing pent up emotional experiences that I had pushed away and ignored for many years.
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I went to see Jin because of my ongoing lower back pain, IBS symptoms and feelings of anxiety. I've seen almost every practitioner I can find for this, but I knew there was an emotional element going on. During my sessions with Jin, it was amazing to feel my body process the stored emotion and release it through hot flushes. Our bodies are incredible. It's been absolutely worth it for that feeling of release and knowing I'm not holding on to my past anymore. .
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I decided to see Jin initially to get some help with my business, knowing that I would need to clear the emotional stuff first. Wow, the emotional releases were intense – there were some huge blocks I knew were affecting me deep down, but I hadn't dealt with. The physical feeling of releasing is incredible – I don't feel like I have those repressed emotions holding me back. What I like most is that we dealt with emotions, and then I had the tools to create momentum and move forward in a well-thought-out way.
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My brain literally went into places that I didn't realise that it would go, and things came out of my mouth that weren't on my list but were clearly some of the crux of the problem in which I was not cognitively aware of.
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The anger! I never realised how angry I was until I did my first process regarding issues with my partner. Then it all came out! WOW
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I feel that I have broken through such strong awareness around my behaviours and reactions to situations. I am able to look at the situation rather than react emotionally. It brings such a softness to my nature. I feel more calm and able to read situations so much easier and not take them personally like I have done my whole life.
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I feel that I have gained so much awareness around my behaviours and my personality. I have shifted some old beliefs and released some big emotional traumas.
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My anxiety and obsessive compulsive tendencies have gone. I feel the best I have in years.
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The release and processing I did around my mother. I was unaware of how much anger I have stored in my body revolving around my relationship and experiences with her as a child.
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Ready To Release The Emotional & Physical Mess?

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Jin runs a limited number of retreats and one-on-one coaching opportunities each year.
If you are ready to embark on a powerful journey and prepared to do the work to bring about healing, we welcome you to apply for a place with Jin.
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